Learn Mandarin 3 Times Faster With Our In-house Developed Fun Fun Mandarin Curriculum

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No more raw memorization

Learn Mandarin naturally & retain information in long-term memory.


Fun and easy
to learn Mandarin

Fit all learning styles and individual needs.


Systematical, practical, interactive

Increase spoken practice by 200-300% compared to traditional Chinese textbooks.


Learn Mandarin anywhere, anytime

Suitable for learning Mandarin online, in-person classes, and in self-paced learning.


Learning community

All learners engage in fun, collaborative learning, sharing diverse cultures and values with global users.

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You Can Learn More Effectively If You Interact With Classmates

Your Brain works 10x faster and remembers better if you apply multiple areas in the brain at the same time. 


Watch & Imitate

Teachers teach vocabulary and grammar in the video context. Get richness of input by watching videos.

Students start to speak Chinese sentences from the first day of class and imitate pronunciation.


Apply Knowledge With Classmates/Teachers

Make output more effective by engaging in breakout room games, annotating authentic materials.

80% of class time is for you to practice speaking conversational Chinese.


Multi-dimensional Learning Outside Of Class

Learn Mandarin through videos, smart flash cards, making character sheets and interactive AI testing.

Remember better by combining different types of learning input, from visual to audio to text.


Be motivated In Learning Community

See others’ work and receive real-time feedback. Interact with native speakers and schoolmates.

Remember longer by combining Input and Output. Accelerate Chinese learning. 

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Value $200

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