6 Reasons To Learn Mandarin Classes With Us


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Our Mandarin Classes Easily Solve 6 Pain-points

learn Chinese by Rote-Memorization


learn mandarin by Memorizing, But Forgetting Again and Again​

Lack Of Support
Outside Of Mandarin Class

learn Mandarin Feeling frustrated

Not Understanding What People Say, Not Knowing How To Form Words

Lack Of Interaction
In Chinese Lessons

lack of support outside of Mandarin class

Lack Of Support
Outside Of Mandarin Class

Confusing Instruction & Static Textbooks Make Learning Chinese Harder

The most cost-effective Mandarin classes with the highest rate of returning students!

cost-effective Mandarin classes

Don’t settle for cheap online Chinese classes! They waste your time and money, weaken your listening skills and pronunciation, and make it hard to communicate with native speakers.



Our solution saves you both money and time!

  • Small class size makes learning Chinese productive.
  • Collaborative learning with peers promotes motivation.
  • The most effective teaching methods and guidance.
  • Quickly master basic conversation!

Small Class Size & Field Trips

We organize field trips, Chinese cultural activities for student in-person interaction and social connection in Seattle Area.

Learn Chinese with us, you can apply what you learned in real-life activities and make friends in Chinese.


Chinese Tuition Course

4 Classmates Per Class
More Practice
In Class


In-person Social Activities With Schoolmates
More Connected
Outside Of Class.

Weekly Office Hour

Never worry if you fall behind!

We stand out in Mandarin classes in the Seattle/Bellevue Area

We offer a unique approach to Mandarin classes that utilizes interactive digital learning resources and a modern teaching style. Our Bellevue-based school is designed for adult learners and can help you learn Chinese 3X times faster than traditional courses.

Mandarin classes

Star Chinese Teachers 

We only select the top 5% of highly-qualified teachers with a degree in Chinese instruction and who hold a Chinese teacher license. They will motivate you to use Chinese in daily life and speak Chinese with native speakers.

Newly-designed Smart Chinese Book 

You will use our high-tech AI video-based platform and peer community, which supports audio/visual/ kinesthetic/reading & writing learning styles to learn Chinese.

Small Class Size (Max 4 students/Class)

You will receive full attention from your teacher, effective studying through the right teaching methods and guidance, and plenty of time to speak Chinese with your peers.

Interactive Chinese Class

To learn Chinese online with us, you will experience multidirectional information flow rather than a teacher-to-learner teaching style. Class activities will be learner-centered scenario-based instruction, game-based and project-based learning. 

Our students usually take 2-6 months to master basic conversation!

Dragon Package

Our Dragon Package will take 2 – 2.5 months to help you achieve your goal. It is suitable for students who are ambitious to learn Chinese 3 online classes/week, rushing to learn Chinese to go travel, living or studying abroad, or trying to pass the HSK Test.

It will accelerate you to great heights!

Monkey Package

Our Monkey Package will take 3 – 3.5 months to help you achieve your goal. It is suitable for students who are willing to accelerate learning and practice more with teachers, and classmates to learn Chinese 2 online classes/week.

Panda Package

Our Panda Package will take 6 months to help you achieve your goal. It is suitable for students who have a busy schedule and can learn Chinese 1 online class/week.

It is productive for you to balance your personal life and study time!

Specialized Program

Our Specialized Program will take 2 months to 6 months to help you achieve your goal. It is suitable for students who need a flexible class schedule, learning content, and speed. Learning Chinese goals will be discussed with your instructor. 

The course plan is customized and designed for 1:1 requests or Business/Study Abroad students!

Take Chinese classes and making friends

Amazing outcome
in each level!

Chinese Level 1

Suitable for absolute Chinese beginners, students with a vocabulary less than 100 words, or for students who are looking to take the HSK 1 test. 

After completing this level, you will be able to introduce yourself, your nationality, talk about your jobs, family, flight times, daily activities, foods, and drinks,  and you can start to freely ask and answer basic survival conversation topics.   

Chinese Level 2

Suitable for advanced Chinese beginners with a vocabulary around 200 words, or for students who are preparing to take the HSK 2.

After completing this level, you can fluently order food and drinks in restaurants, make an appointment in any situation, talk to service people and co-workers, know how to use Chinese social media apps to make Chinese friends, understand Chinese culture, and understand 90% of the immersive style Mandarin classes.

Chinese Level 3

Suitable for intermediate low students with a vocabulary around 400 words, or students who are planning to take the HSK 3. 

After completing this level,  you can fluently discuss and compare any transaction, negotiate prices, find transportation in China, understand Chinese local food, beverages, and spices, and prepare traveling luggage based on Chinese local weather.

Chinese Level 4

Suitable for intermediate mid students with a vocabulary around 670 words, or students who are planning to take the HSK 3.

After completing this level,  you can handle emergency situations in China, such as lost luggage, saving a life, missing a flight, etc. You can also fluently talk about famous attractions in China, directions, book hotels, and rent an apartment/house in China.

Chinese Level 5 & Level 6

Suitable for intermediate high or vocabulary around 1500 ~ 2000 words or students who are aiming to take the HSK 4, HSK5 tests. These two levels use the Open Architecture curriculum design. 

After completing this level, you will be an expert on understanding Chinese perspectives, discussing contemporary life, science, technology, and social and global challenges in Chinese. Please Contact Us to schedule a placement, then we can suggest the right level for you.


Over 5 years of cooperation with Meta (Facebook) and Valve Corporation. We partner with American Universities instructors to create our own curriculum and video-book platform. We are a world leader in online Chinese education.

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