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how do you say hello in chinese
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How do You Say Hello in Chinese | NewConcept Education

Mandarin Essentials: How Do You Say “Hello” in Chinese Immerse yourself in China’s rich language and culture as we explore the essence and etiquette of saying “hello.”  In Chinese, greetings transcend simple salutations, opening windows to tradition, societal norms, and

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Learn How to Say Yes in Chinese
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How to Say Yes in Chinese: Learn Mandarin

Say Yes in Mandarin: Learn How to Say Yes in Chinese Learning a new language is always exciting, but it can also be challenging. However, mastering essential words and phrases can be a great way to start your language-learning journey.

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how to learn Chinese
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4 Tips For How to Learn Chinese Fast?

Knowing how your brain learns a new language will help you to learn Chinese quickly, easily, and effectively! Today, our NewConcept Education research team wants to share the latest on scientific brain research to help you productively learn Chinese. It’s

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